Monday, February 16, 2015

Delving into cookie painting

This blog hasn't seem much baking related action lately so I thought I would share with you something I have been working on the past year. Edible painting ,in particular cookie painting  .
The first try was quite awhile ago after seeing it online I did pretty well but kinda forgot the whole thing until last year when i was seeing more and more painted cakes and cookies so I thought I would pick up the brush again .

flower painted cookies

This was my first go at cooking painting above.

I get asked a lot how I went from fashion design to being a baker , well its a long story in general but isn't as much of a stretch as you would think. I studied art for as long as I can remember and to this day its still in my heart. If you really think about it the decorated pastry work I do is just another form of art, sugar art. I take a lot i learned about color and technique with art and apply it to an edible format. Now I will be the first person to say no matter how many years of practice I've had I'm not even close to an amazing artist and don't ask me to paint a lifelike human face lol but the more i have worked on it this year the better I have become .
These are some of my favorites from this past year .

painted corpse bride cookie hand painted retro Christmas cookies tea and scottie cookies

Have you tried anything new this year or would like to start this new year you would like to share?

Friday, February 13, 2015

EShakti holiday dress review

When I was contacted by eShakti  to review another one of their items in their holiday collection I jumped at the chance . With holiday's coming up i was scouring the net trying to find a dress for the holidays . I had been looking for a Christmas print pin up style dress with no luck lol. I browsed their collection and was torn at which to get but decided on the kayla dress. Its currently out of stock so I can't link you but if it comes back i would recommend snagging one.

So i started this post right after Christmas but got swamped with orders and almost forgot about it I'm terrible I'm sorry lol . Let me continue the dresses are made and shipped from another country but somehow I got my dress before most places I order from that are in the U.S. I was so excited to get this dress its even more beautiful in person I will update with more photos when i get a chance to take pictures wearing it. I feel like I'm always rushing when going to a party. The greatest thing about EShakti is that all the dresses offer customization  . Since it was winter i opted to add sleeves to this dress which i should have went with shorter sleeves my own fault though. And you can have it made in custom measurements and by height which is perfect for someone as tall as me . Since even though most dresses run short pin up style dresses are still to long for my taste I got mine at the perfect length . Lastly did I mention this dress has pockets!! It couldn't be more perfect and that brocade pattern is even more amazing in person you can tell this dress is high quality. 

So since I'm late on holidays I'm going to show my dress picks for the upcoming seasons!

If only this came in green ! I could add it to the plaid collection lol

Floral and polka dots yes please!!
Take a look and tell me your favorite design

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Layering up with ModCloth

I teamed up with friend and fellow blogger and artist Sara Pulver of to create two warm and styled layered looks from ModCloth .
I had one person in mind when doing this challenge and that was Sara we are pretty much style soul mates we love all the same things in fact the Bea Dot high waisted skirt is actually on my loves list over at ModCloth lol

Lovely Layers

Here is what she has to say about her picks!
I will be the first to admit, I chose this entire outfit based on the Bea & Dot Ikebana skirt. I am in love with the colors and pattern! I chose a chunky cardigan and booties to balance out the ultra-feminine qualities in both the skit and ivory top. And of course, I couldn't say no to these incredible Cicada earrings. They are the perfect complement to the floral skirt.

I just love her picks especially that skirt and earrings! Next up is my layering for the cold look. 

layering with love modcloth

I am normally a sucker for a printed dress but i love the simplicity of this green dress and adding lots of flair with the embellished cardigan fun boots and of course how can you resist this cute fox bag! My whole wardrobe consists of black,purple,green and floral print so instead of pairing this with navy or brown like others would i chose black. Its always classic. ModCloth has so many sweaters right now that I am dying over perfect for your layering look!  
Something I'm a huge fan of over at ModCloth is their fit, they come in so many sizes for petite to curvy ladies and there is a blurb on the side which will tell you how different items fit and size chart. And if you still can't find the perfect fit free returns which I'm a huge fan of lol.

So tell me guys what is your favorite item for layering over at ModCloth?

P.s while over on Sara's blog check out this amazing free Printable card for Valentines Day!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fashion meets home decor

I was picked to use my personal style to come up with a home decor set for Modani  furniture . I was really excited for this challenge because home decor and fashion are both things I love.

Fashion Meets Home decor

Although Modani is a modern based furniture store and I'm not a modern loving girl at all , I was still able to pick out so many options that fit my own personal style. As I'm sure you know from following my blog a big part of my fashion love and style would be a dark and classic styles . I love extravagance and minimalism is not for me. These baroque style chairs they have plenty of fit right into that style. I was able to add all these other little touches and a slight pop of color to my almost all black room to come up with the perfect living room to suit my style. Plus these trunks and chandelier are so very old Hollywood glam! Not to mention this clock which is reminiscent of steampunk style to me.

The whole collection is is centered around this beautiful chair which you can find along with sofa collection as well . They have a lot of amazing furniture and statement pieces  for your house .

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tresemme keratin smooth review

I recently got another vox box by influenster . This box was a hair based box so I was really excited to try something different. Included in the box was 3 Tresemme products from their keratin smooth line.

7 day keratin smooth shampoo
7 day keratin smooth conditioner
7 day keratin smooth heat activated treatment .

Now before i start I did not use this product for 7 consecutive  days straight days so this may or may not effect the results. Anyone who dyes their hair wild colors knows its a big no no to wash your hair everyday lol.

Its also a lower sulfate shampoo it claims to help protect color.

I'll start with the smell, I am extremely sensitive to highly perfumed beauty items and this was one of those products. If things like that don't bother you , you may enjoy the scent .

The first day I used all 3 products but I did not finish with a straight iron, I wanted to see all outcomes before giving this review. I also did not put as much treatment as recommended. My hair felt okay and had a little more volume but nothing special.

The next time I used it I used all the products and followed all the directions and used the flat iron. My hair did look extremely shiny and smooth .

For the next go I used all the treatment it recommended, when done blow drying my hair is felt extremely heavy and yucky like it was unwashed. My guess since my hair is thin this was to much treatment for my hair so go light on it if you have thinner hair . 

The next few uses I followed all the directions minus as much treatment as recommended. Was my hair shiny and pretty looking yes very , but it did not seem to effect the overall health of my hair. Also my hair ended up looking pretty flat because of all the product.

Overall i would recommend this product for ladies or gents with thicker hair and don't have to much damage to their hair. Unfortunately my hair is very damaged so on goes my quest to find good products to suit my hair type lol  

Note these products were sent to me for free as for the purpose of this review.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winterize your nails with julep

As winter rolls in your nails and hands tend to get dry and nails brittle . So its time to prep your nails for winter . Here are some tips to try at home.
First lets start with moisturizing your hands .
A favorite of mine is L occitane shea butter since its not highly scented which I'm not fond of and works really well . 
Don't forget your feet! 
Juleps mint condition foot cream is a favorite of mine i put it on at night with socks and wake up with soft feet.

Next work on your cuticles which seem to go a bit wonky with the cold dry weather . Try using juleps vanish cuticle softener and remover .

Now that your hands are soft and cleaned up lets move on to the best bit colors!
You can never have enough red this julep color anisa doubles for winter and holiday parties

As I'm sure you have figured out i love purple and its also a color that works any time of the year. this color is alex 

Can you say frozen inspired aretha is perfect for winter wonderland nails!

Last but not least beatrix would love amazing layered on top of black for a nice dark winter look .

Friday, December 5, 2014

My birthday trip to California , lots of pics!

Hello! Okay so first I'd like to say sorry I've been a terrible blogger , its been months since i posted. I've been so busy with work and also I've got super into snail mail which I've  been doing for years now but i took on a lot more pals.
So onto the trip! In September I took the only real long vacation that I've had in years as a birthday gift to myself. It was really an amazing trip , the first trip in awhile i could completely not think about work for awhile and really relax. 

I went to southern California since i had gone to school out there and i think it stuck with me more then northern California . I ended up staying in Pasadena which i had actually never been to before. Aside from being far away from a lot of the places i wanted to go its really the perfect quiet kind of area for a trip. After months of yelping hotels i finally decided to stay at the Langham Huntington hotel. I'm so glad I did, I really can only think of one bad thing the whole time at this place and that was the $27 a day parking which there are no other options to lol. I can't even begin to describe how stunningly beautiful this hotel is . Also every single employee there was so kind and helpful which you think would be a given in any service industry but isn't always true lol. I even got an amazing room upgrade when i go back again I will definitely be staying there again . So first are the hotel pics so you can see a little of its beauty .

 This was my favorite spot the middle garden fountain area so pretty!

So on my actual birthday i took a trip down to my old area long beach to check out the aquarium and what used to be my favorite shoreline village.
You cant beat this view , it was the perfect sunny day.

So i had a bit of a dilemma of deciding to go to Disneyland or not , i decided it wasn't worth the $100 to go when i get to go to the much bigger Disney world when i visit my dad in Florida so instead chose just to go to downtown Disney. It ended up being my favorite night of the trip it was perfect i got the ambiance of Disney and the shopping and i discovered the amazing wonderground studios below!

Lastly I finally got to go to my favorite store in LA , Pinup Girl Clothing. I've been an online customer for years but have never got to visit their only real store it was so fun . I also picked up this yellow floral dress and saw one of their beautiful models that happened to be working there that day.

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